Annexation FAQs

What is annexation?

Annexation is an invitation. The City of Manchester is inviting an area of unincorporated St. Louis County adjacent to its borders to officially join the City of Manchester through annexation. Annexation is a long process that involved the St. Louis County Boundary Commission, but ultimately the final decision is in the hands of the voters. 

Who votes on annexation?

The annexation proposition would appear on the ballot for both voters in the proposed area of annexation and voters in the current City of Manchester. In order for annexation to happen, the proposition would need to pass with a simple majority in both areas.

When will a vote take place?

November 7, 2023 Election

How will annexation impact my child’s school?

In short, it won’t. The Parkway School District is not impacted by the annexation vote.

What services does the City of Manchester provide?

Policing, subsidized weekly trash/recycling/yard waste, street and sidewalk maintenance, award-winning snow removal, stormwater management, and beautiful parks are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by Manchester residents.  We are proud of the range of our services but also the quality. Manchester focuses on being a responsive, caring community partner.

Who would respond if my family has an emergency?

If successful, the Manchester Police Department would be your responding police department. Given the Department’s closer proximity to the annexation area, response times will be faster, within four minutes. Fire and ambulance service will not change and will continue to be provided by the West County EMS & Fire District.

My address says “Ballwin, MO.” How will annexation impact my mail delivery? Will my zip code change?

The “Ballwin” designation in your address signifies the Ballwin Post Office, which distributes mail in the area, including in Manchester. If annexation is successful, moving forward you may use Ballwin or Manchester in your address since the Post Office recognizes both. Your zip code will not change.

Who will be my elected officials?

One of the benefits of localized government are representatives that live in your immediate area. Currently, the City of Manchester has three wards, each with two aldermen. Should annexation move forward, we anticipate that an additional ward would be added, along with two representatives on the Board of Aldermen.

What do you mean I’ll have more influence in my community?

The ratio of elected officials to residents currently in St. Louis County is 1:143,000. By adding two additional positions to the Board of Aldermen to accommodate new annexation residents, the ratio in Manchester would be 1:4,000. City Hall is approximately 3 miles from the annexation area and it is free to park. Meetings are held at the Justice Center at the Highlands and there are no metal detectors. Manchester represents a local, accessible government closer to home than St. Louis County Government Center in Clayton.

In addition, new residents would be eligible to serve on a variety of appointed City boards and Commissions, including Planning & Zoning, Board of Adjustment, Tree Board, and Veterans Commission. The City of Manchester believes residents should be active in creating the hometown and quality of life they desire.

How do I get more information about annexation?

We are also happy to come speak to your neighborhood group, Homeowner’s Association, or even book club! Call City Hall at 636-227-1385 or visit to submit a request by clicking on Request a Meeting with Manchester. Mayor Mike Clement and a team from Manchester would be happy to visit.