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Welcome to the Public Works Department! We strive to provide the city with a good system of streets, effective storm water drainage, trash collection, snow removal, and other infrastructure maintenance which is essential to the quality of life of our residents.


Our department maintains:

  • 5 miles of open channel networks
  • 65 miles of streets and sidewalks
  • Approximately 30 miles of storm sewers
  • Bridges
  • City infrastructure
  • Inlet structures

Additional Responsibilities

Departmental staff is also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from city streets during periods of inclement weather.

The department provides construction management and inspection services for capital improvement projects and oversees the city's refuse collection contract. The Public Works Department also coordinates the operation and maintenance of street lights within the city with AmerenUE.

Main Duties

  • Ensure that the City streets and sidewalks are maintained in a proper manner for our motoring and pedestrian traffic
  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of our storm sewers, inlet structures and open channel networks
  • Snow and ice removal from our streets during the winter months
  • Oversee the City's trash collection including normal garbage, recycle materials, yard waste and our curb side chipping program
  • Oversee the maintenance of City Hall and coordinate the work of all utility companies in the City's public street right-of-ways and reviews the operations of private developers
  • Oversee the maintenance and inspection of all City vehicles and their operational care
  • Contract with St. Louis County Health Department for summer time mosquito and flying insect spraying on a city-wide basis
  • Provide technical and manpower assistance to all other City departments
  • Maintain all city street signage and coordinate with Union Electric the operation and maintenance of our street lights

Something in Need of Repair?

If you notice a street in need of repair or any other item that the department should be aware of, please email the Department of Public Works or call 636-227-1385.


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