Business Licensing

New Business Checklist

  1. Contact Planning & Zoning to ensure your chosen property’s zoning allows for the use you are proposing for your business.
  2. Obtain any building permits necessary for construction or renovations.
  3. Apply for and obtain an inspection for Commercial Occupancy of your building or unit.
  4. Obtain a fire inspection from the local fire district.
  5. Apply for a Manchester Business License by filling out the proper application, submitting requested documentation and providing the Commercial Occupancy Permit.

Some types of businesses may require additional steps or permits. If there are any questions about the business licensing process please contact the Finance Department at 636-227-1385, ext. 103.

Business License Updates for 2020

Recently City Staff and the Board of Aldermen have made changes to Business Licensing in the City of Manchester. License renewal will still be required annually, but the licensing year has changed. Beginning in 2020 the licensing year will be from May 1—April 30. Your 2019 business license will be valid until April 30, 2020.The changes in the year are listed below:


New in 2020

Licensing Year

January 1—December 31

May 1—April 30

Renewal Packet Mailed Out



Renewal Due Date

March 15

April 15

In addition to the change of the licensing year, beginning in 2020, the City’s Finance Department will process all business license applications. The City will continue to accept applications at the front counter in City Hall, but they will not be processed on the same day. All completed applications will be processed within three business days. The wait time will not have any effect on your current license.

The list of items required for a business license renewal with the City has not changed. 

If you have any questions please contact Donald Yucuis, Director of Finance at (636) 227-1385 x 103 or Shawn Sieve, Accountant at (636) 227-1385 x 105.

We appreciate the business you bring to the City of Manchester. Thank you.

Chapter 605 Business Licenses and Regulation as Amended on 12/2/19

Business License Applications