Dead Deer Removal


With a growing deer population within the city limits as well as in the surrounding area, there is an increasing incidence of dead deer in residential yards, common ground, and public property.  Deer that have died from natural causes or through injuries such as being struck by vehicles pose a health, safety and aesthetic concern any season of the year.  Dead deer should be removed promptly by a qualified service provider and their removal should not place a financial burden on city residents or homeowner associations.  The city of Manchester acknowledges the need to establish a dead deer removal policy.

  • Upon notification to city staff of a dead deer on public property or public right-of-way, the dead deer shall be removed at the direction of city staff or the city’s service provider.
  • Upon notification to city staff of a dead deer on a resident’s or homeowners association’s property, the city must seek and receive verbal permission from the resident or trustee for city staff and the city’s service provider to enter the property, verify, and remove the deer carcass.
  • Upon verification of a dead deer, city staff will notify the city’s service provider requesting pickup service and an approximate time of removal.  The contacting party will then be notified of the approximate pickup time.
  • City staff shall have the discretion to remove or have removed a dead deer at any location when it is determined the expedited removal of the dead deer is in the best interest of public health and safety.
  • Any dead deer picked up will be disposed of through acceptable and proper sanitary methods.
  • The city shall use a qualified provider of this type of service for final collection and disposal of dead deer. Any costs incurred by city staff for dead deer pickup and disposal shall be at the city’s expense.
  • This policy will be in effect seven days a week.  Calls concerning a dead deer can be made to City Hall at 636-227-1385 or the Manchester Police Clerk at 636-227-1410.