Pavement Maintenance

Concrete Street Slab Replacement

In addition to the Proposition "S" project work, this program allows department staff to replace isolated and unforeseen concrete street pavement slab failures and deterioration at various locations throughout the city.

Asphalt Street Resurfacing Program

This program generally resurfaces deteriorated full depth asphalt paved streets by removing the top 2 inches of the pavement by a milling process and placing a new hot mix asphalt wearing surface.  Failing concrete curb and gutter sections on asphalt paved street being improved are removed and replaced at that time.

Sidewalk Improvements

Work performed in this program includes deteriorated slab replacement, slab leveling to reduce tripping hazards and ponding water, new sidewalk construction, and the replacement or new construction of curb ramps at street intersections.  All sidewalk work is done to upgrade the city’s sidewalks to be in compliance with current accessibility standards.  Curb ramp improvements are constructed in conjunction with street improvement projects at intersection where sidewalks are present and affected by the project work.