Painting UnWined

Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine & a relaxing night of painting in the park! Artist will provide step by step instructions on basic line drawing, brush strokes and color layering. There's no rule that says you have to follow the artist's steps. It's your art, you can paint it however you like! Ages 21+ only.
For more information please call 636-691-326 x404
$20 per person, 6-9 p.m.
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April 3
June 13
Water Color Quote NightJoin us for a fun night of relaxation and painting! Grab a complimentary drink and learn basic watercolor and hand-lettering techniques. We will be adding watercolor to papers and hand lettering your favorite quotes in black or gold paint. We will provide instruction, font styles, and a great evening! All you have to buy is a new picture frame to hang your work of art!
Watercolor Quote Class
ThursdayFebruary 21stAcrylic Painting Night

This elegant fun painting is perfect for all level of artists! It is easily customizable, so it will fit into your home décor.Artist will provide step by step instructions on basic line drawing, brush strokes and color layering.

FridayMarch 15thAcrylic Painting Night

A fun painting that makes you appreciate this beautiful bird in all its natural colors! Artist will provide step by step instruction on painting the bird and adding vibrant colors. Learn to use thick impasto paint, knives and forks to create unique textures on your canvas!

TuesdayApril 23rdAcrylic Painting Night

Aboriginal dot art
Come try an abstract art piece inspired by one of the oldest styles of painting- Australian aboriginal dot art! Artist will provide guidance on color mixing and creating patterns. This is very customizable and you can make your very own abstract artwork!

Aboriginal Dot Art
TuesdayMay 21stAcrylic Painting Night

Tree of life
Combine love for nature with a playful abstract dot art! The earthy tones of this tree and contrasting playful background will bring nature's splendid simplicity into your home. Artist will provide a step by step instruction to create the artwork, mix colors and brush strokes.

Tree of Life