Manchester Veterans Commission

Manchester has established a Veterans Commission for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of the community and the specific welfare of the residents of the City who are veterans of military service to the United States of American. 

Their purpose and duties include planning and coordinating all veterans programs with support from City departments, and to make recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen concerning any programs or changes to existing programs, as it deems appropriate. The Commission shall also ensure the needs of the local veterans are identifiable and a top community priority, with emphasis on connecting them with known resources. 

The Commission consists of 11 voting members, 9 volunteer members, a Board of Aldermen ex-officio representative, and the Mayor. There is also a non-voting, staff liaison. 

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Veterans Memorial at Margaret Stoecker Park

Manchester has a proud collection of Flags of Valor. Part of the 15th anniversary display entitled “America’s Heartland Remembers,” these 26 American flags were some of the more than 7000 flying in remembrance on Art Hill in 2016, each flag an individualized tribute to a military hero who lost their life in the “War on Terror.” Also part of this important collection, an American flag that flew in the center circle of the 2016 Art Hill installation in honor of those heroes that lost their lives to PTSD, a recognition that the casualties of war occur on and off the battlefield. The Flags of Valor are displayed at the Veterans Memorial on the following dates each year:

  • Vietnam War Veterans Day (March 29)
  • Memorial Day (Fourth Monday in May)
  • D-Day (June 6th)
  • Flag Day (June 14th)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Purple Heart Day (August 7th)
  • POW/MIA Recognition Day ( September 18th)
  • Veterans Day (November 11th)