Load up the car, it’s time for another fun outing while being safe and social distancing! 

Beginning at 5pm on Friday, May 8, Monopoly game pieces will have been placed all over Manchester, including businesses, parks, city buildings, etc.! The game pieces will remain out through the morning on Monday, May 18. 

How to Play: 

Step 1 - Print off this form: Manchester Monopoly Game Board

Step 2 - Drive around Manchester and look for property squares! (Be safe - have a designated driver and searcher!) You can use THIS MAP to see the general location of the properties. They are in the windows and front yards of parks, businesses, restaurants, and city buildings (police, public works, parks, city hall, etc.). On your game board, just write in where you find each piece. 

For example: if you find an 11x17 square of Park Place at City Hall, you would just write, Manchester City Hall in the Park Place square of your printed gameboard. (You don’t have to use the gameboard, it just helps you keep track!)

Step 3: Maximize your chances to win!

  • Collect all of a same color of properties (8 opportunities)
  • Collect all four railroads
  • Collect both utilities
  • Find the "Go to Jail" square
  • Find the "Community Chest" (our Little Free Library labeled community chest and donate a canned good or a book inside.
  • Construct your own game piece and take a picture of it in the car with you.

Step 4: Submit your answers! Fill out this Google Form with your answers and you will be entered up to 13 times in our drawing for prizes.

In addition to the awesome prizes below, we have five $10 gift cards to Manee Thai Restaurant and two $50 gift cards to Roy’s Automotive! Thanks so much to all of our awesome sponsors!

Monopoly Prizes
Manchester Monopoly Ad
Manchester Monopoly Sponsors v2