Manchester, Missouri - A Proud Past and a Bright Future

Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker
Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker
Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker
The Manchester Arts Mission










Manchester Arts is a municipal arts council that seeks to inspire engagement in and appreciation for the arts. Manchester Arts embraces multiple art forms by fostering arts development, promotion and education through performances, exhibits, public art, and more in an effort to create a more vibrant quality of life for its residents and to support its businesses.


Our Vision 

The community will have-

  • Businesses, artists, residents, and government united in the value they place on having a strong and vibrant arts environment in the city.
  • Artists and performers recognized, featured, and supported.
  • Opportunities that actively encourage and promote engagement in the arts.



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Our Community Partners



City of Manchester, 14318 Manchester Road, Manchester, MO 63011 ~ 636-227-1385