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Manchester, Missouri
A city with a proud past and a bright future!

Planning & Zoning

The Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZ&ED) Department is responsible for coordinating all planning and zoning enforcement activity for the City of Manchester. In addition, the PZ&ED Department promotes business development through business retention and attraction and seeks to revitalize "core" areas of the City. This activity is coordinated through staff support to the Board of Aldermen.

The PZ&ED Department is also responsible for issuing Municipal Zoning Approval on all construction activity in the City. The City of Manchester contracts with the St. Louis County Department of Public Works to provide building permit and inspection services. Review of construction plans, collection of fees, and issuance of building permits are handled by the County. However, before obtaining any permit, or beginning any construction project, a Municipal Zoning Approval form must be obtained, completed and with five (5) sets of plans approved by the City of Manchester.  A copy of this and other forms are available on this website.

Department Policy on Mold in Rental Units
Please review this document for information on how the City handles issues with mold in rental units.

Demolition to Build Information

Comprehensive Plan
Learn more about Manchester's Comprehensive Plan!

Applications & Forms

Comprehensive Plan

City of Manchester, 14318 Manchester Road, Manchester, MO 63011 ~ 636-227-1385