Manchester, Missouri - A Proud Past and a Bright Future

Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker
Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker
Photo Courtesy of Doug Whitaker

Main Duties

  • Ensure that the City streets and sidewalks are maintained in a proper manner for our motoring and pedestrian traffic.
  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of our storm sewers, inlet structures and open channel networks.
  • Snow and ice removal from our streets during the winter months.
  • Oversee the City's trash collection including normal garbage, recycle materials, yard waste and our curb side chipping program.
  • Oversee the maintenance of City Hall and coordinate the work of all utility companies in the City's public street right-of-ways and reviews the operations of private developers.
  • Oversee the maintenance and inspection of all City vehicles and their operational care.
  • Contract with St. Louis County Health Department for summer time mosquito and flying insect spraying on a city-wide basis.
  • Provide technical and manpower assistance to all other City departments.
  • Maintain all city street signage and coordinate with Union Electric the operation and maintenance of our street lights.
City of Manchester, 14318 Manchester Road, Manchester, MO 63011 ~ 636-227-1385