Annexation & Unincorporated Businesses

Owners of commercial, industrial, and institutional properties annexing into the City of ManchestManchester Business Ulta Petsmart rsder receive similar benefits as residential property owners. Additionally, unincorporated businesses will have expanded access to City services and business assistance, whether it be through development, expansion, or zoning needs.

Manchester does not intend to change the existing zoning types in the proposed annexation area. The goals for zoning will be:

  • Retain the same existing zoning designations (For example, “commercial” zoning will remain “commercial,” “residential zoning will remain “residential,” etc..)
  • Cause the least disruption to existing property owners.
  • Minimize any non-conformities.

Because the proposed annexation area is mostly built-out, changes to the existing land use are not anticipated. Petitions to rezone will be initiated by the property owner - not the City. Any future development will likely be the redevelopment of existing properties.  

Annexation by Manchester will offer several advantages for businesses and prospective development.

  • Local, Professional City Staff:  The Mayor, Economic Development Director, City Administrator, and Department Heads work together to drive economic development for the City.  Professional city staff and officials will help ensure that prospective businesses (or existing businesses investing/expanding their facilities) will receive prompt attention.  The City’s Economic Development Director and City staff can help ensure that regional economic development strategies (like the ‘STL 2030 Jobs Plan’) are implemented at the local level. 
  • Local Zoning Decisions:  Zoning decisions regarding development will be decided by Manchester instead of St. Louis County.  This will benefit the developer/business owner by having local decisions handled in an efficient and timely manner. 

To discuss specific a site, please contact Andrea Riganti, Director of Planning and Zoning at or visit our business page here.

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