Annexation & Unincorporated Residents

Reasons Why Annexation Benefits You-01

Unification directly and powerfully benefits both unincorporated residents and businesses. 

We are Neighbors

The nearly 6,500 residents that live north and east of Manchester’s boundaries are our friends, colleagues, and for some, family. Manchester residents and unincorporated residents have much in common. We shop in the same stores. Our children go to the same schools. We worship together in the same houses of worship. In many cases, we are already friends. Unification acknowledges the importance of these bonds. We are neighbors.

Local Government

Manchester government is non-partisan. Elected officials’ decisions are not shaped by political bias. Discord or dysfunction is rarely observed or felt. Elected officials are focused on crafting policy that benefits residents and families. Manchester’s professional staff are well-trained and highly educated. They regularly talk and visit residents who might call with a City concern. Staff listen and help. The delivery of all services is best done at the local level. 

Accessible Government

Having elected officials living down the street from you is the foundation of accessible, open government. Being able to speak with the mayor or elected representatives at their front door or at public gatherings ensures their sensitivity to your concerns. We are all equal. Inviting the Police Chief and City Administrator to meet with homeowners groups gives residents and staff a positive forum to talk City life. Planned encounters of openness and dialogue happens only in government that is easily-accessible and seeks to be. You can still find trust in government where government is accessible and responsive.

Economies of Service and Scale

Manchester’s delivery of services will indeed innovate and grow with the increase in population. With annexation, Manchester’s Police and Public Works Departments will see a significant expansion in staffing and equipment. Most other departments will grow or expand in some small way. The economies of scale that will result from municipal growth will likely reduce the costs to deliver all services to the new larger City of Manchester. That’s good for everyone.

Community and Welcome

Over the next several months, we hope you ask a Manchester resident what it means to them to be part of Manchester. Ask some of your neighbors living south of Carman Road. They were annexed in 1999. Most any resident, though, is almost certainly going to tell you about the Public Works staff who responded within hours to a pothole report or a downed tree on their street. Others may speak of their experience with a Manchester Police Officer who took the time to talk and laugh with them at a local festival or concert. A senior adult will tell you about the warmth and caring of Parks staff when they attend their weekly fitness class. Manchester works by strengthening community bonds. We believe that your acceptance of the invitation to be part of Manchester is good for you and your neighbors. It’s also good for current residents. You bring new energy, talent and ideas with you. We can’t wait!