LaBonne Parkway Reconstruction

Project Name and No. 

La Bonne Parkway Reconstruction with Sidewalk Upgrades (5') - STP-S-5504(603)


The City has received funding through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Block Grant Program to reconstruct La Bonne Parkway from Big Bend Road to Carman Road. The existing pavement is structurally deficient and inefficiently constructed. To best improve and maintain this minor collector roadway, the City will replace La Bonne Parkway in its entirety. FHWA will fund 43% of the project and the City will fund the remainder of the cost through Proposition S funding. 

Project Scope

The reconstruction will be full depth concrete, with rolled curbs on the outside edge of the road, and vertical curbs on the landscape median side of the road. The existing 4’ sidewalks will be removed and replaced with new 5’ ADA compliant sidewalks and curb ramps. High visibility continental crosswalks will be installed at all crosswalk locations. In addition, dynamic speed feedback signs will be added at two locations along La Bonne Parkway. 

Project Limits 

All of La Bonne Parkway in both directions between Carman Road and Big Bend Road. 

Current Schedule

The project construction is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2024. The project has been awarded to E.Meier Contracting. 

Diagram and Before Photos

Information Sheet

Construction Plans