Steps for Utilizing the Sewer Lateral Repair Program

Questions can be directed to the Department of Public Works, at 636-227-1385 Ext. 168, or at

If you are experiencing a sewer backup…

1. Arrange to have your sewer lateral line cabled by a St. Louis County licensed plumber or drainlayer. The City’s contracted plumber is Tope, Inc. and can be reached on their 24-hour phone line at (314) 890-0900. You can also contact another St. Louis County licensed plumber or drainlayer which are listed on the City’s website

2. Cabling your line is the first step and it’s purpose is to relieve the immediate blockage, so some of your home plumbing services can resume. During cabling, if your plumber or drainlayer detects a structural defect or blockage in the lateral line beyond the foundation of your house, your sewer problem should be covered by the City’s Sewer Lateral Repair Program. (The plumber’s cabling equipment has the ability to sense the location of the structural blockage.) If the defect is beyond the foundation line, do not pay your cabling plumber to complete a camera inspection of your lateral line. Cost for that camera service is covered under the sewer lateral program. The City’s plumber will complete a camera inspection after an application is filed.

3. With the defect determined to be beyond your home’s foundation, your next step is to apply for the Manchester Sewer Lateral Repair Program. Applications are available on the City’s website or can be picked up at Manchester City Hall, located at 14318 Manchester Road.

4. The application should be submitted to Manchester City Hall along with a paid receipt of the prior year’s real estate taxes for the property. The application fee is $400.

5. Soon after the completed application and fee is received, a Public Works representative will contact you to schedule a camera inspection of your sewer lateral line with the City’s licensed plumber. If the camera inspection confirms a structural defect in the lateral line beyond your home’s foundation, the City will schedule a time with you to complete the repair with their licensed plumber.

6. The City’s plumber will complete the repair to your sewer lateral and restore any lawn area or standard finish sidewalk or driveway that is disturbed. The lawn restoration may take a few months because settling of the excavated area must subside prior to completing fine grading and seeding.

Important steps not to overlook:

• Contact your homeowner’s insurance company and inform them of any property damage. Ask them if you are eligible to file a claim.

• Be prepared to sanitize and remove items in your home that may have been damaged by the sewer backup. Those soiled items may present a health hazard. Water-damaged carpet, flooring, drywall or other persona; property may need to be professionally removed and restored. A professional restoration company may be considered.