Hanna Road Improvement Project 

Project Name and No. 

Hanna Road Resurfacing & Pedestrian Improvements Phase I & II - STP-5504(605)


The City has received funding through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Block Grant Program to improve the roadway and sidewalks on both sides of Hanna Road from Big Bend Road to Hannafield Court . FHWA will fund 80% of the project and the City will fund the remaining 20% of the cost through City Capital Improvement Funds. Federal funds have been approved and allocated to complete roadway and pedestrian facilities on Hanna Road in two phases that was recently approved to be combined into one project. Two schools (Parkway South High School and Hanna Woods Elementary), are located within the project limits. The City of Manchester is committed to making this section of Hanna Road both safe for pedestrians and motorists. 

Project Scope

Road improvements by completing a microsurface on a portion as well as a mill and overlay on another portion, reconstruction of existing 4' wide sidewalks with new 5' to 6' sidewalks on both sides of the road, installation of new ADA curb ramps, addition of 5' wide sidewalks to sections of Hanna Road which do not currently have sidewalks, new curb and gutter and enclosed drainage (where feasible) for existing roadway sections with open drainage, high visibility continental crosswalks at all intersections and major entrances, rectangular rapid flashing beacon at the mid-block crossing at Hanna Woods Elementary School, dynamic speed feedback signs at each end of project limits, preventative safety countermeasures at the 4-way stop of Hanna Road and Broadhurst Drive, side streets and entrance approaches replaced or milled/overlaid as required, pavement striping for safety and visibility

The speed control solution of the dynamic speed feedback signs, will help lower both the average and 85th percentile speeds. The rectangular rapid flashing beacons and high visibility crosswalks will create safer pedestrian crossings. The new sidewalks will create a safe corridor for pedestrian travel. 

Project Limits 

Hanna Road from Big Bend Road to Hannafield Court. 

Current Schedule

2023-2024 Engineering Design; 2024 Right-of-Way Acquisition, 2025 Construction. 

Phase I

Before Photos and Diagrams

Phase II 

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