Carman Road Pedestrian Improvements

Project Name and No.

Carman Road Sidewalk Improvements 


The City has applied for federal funding though East-West Gateway Council of Governments to fill in gaps in the existing sidewalk network, from La Bonne Parkway to Dougherty Ferry Rd. as well as replace the existing non-ADA compliant sidewalks on the south side of Carman Road. The project will create into a corridor with increased safety for pedestrians/school-age children. Funding for this project has been recommended for approval and the City will find out in Spring of 2023 if formal approval is granted. 

Project Scope

This project will fill in the sidewalk network gaps that exist on both the north and south side of Carman Road. The existing sidewalk network along Carman Road has gaps that prevent full access to the numerous neighborhoods that funnel to Carman Road and to the two elementary schools at opposite ends of this project. One particularly large gap (across from Huntley Heights Dr) presents not only a physical barrier to pedestrian travel, but a dangerous sight distance issue as well. Pedestrians wishing to traverse this area of Carman Road, must do so at their own peril while walking within the street. Other gaps, while not as large, prevent large subdivisions from full access to destinations along this major collector.

In addition to filling in the sidewalk gaps, the existing 4’ sidewalks on the south side will be replaced with 5’ sidewalks. The existing 4’-20’ treelawn area will be maintained except in the limited areas with retaining walls, where a 6’ sidewalk will be constructed at the back of curb. Non-ADA compliant curb ramps and driveway approaches will be replaced on the south side within the project limits.

The mid-block crossing at Carman and Stone Canyon will have a visibility continental crosswalk and a solar powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon. This mid-block crossing is a major crossing from school-aged children who live on the north side of Carman Road who must cross the road to reach Barretts Elementary School.

Project Limits 

At the western limit, this project will connect to La Bonne Parkway Reconstruction (STp-5504(603)) and will provide contiguous access to Carman Trails Elementary School (300’ north)/ At the eastern limit, this project will connect to Dougherty Ferry and provide direct access to Barretts Elementary School.

Current Schedule

2024 Engineering Design, 2025 Right-of-Way Acquisition, 2026 Construction