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Manchester Arts is a branch of the Manchester Parks, Recreation, and Arts Department supported and organized through employees of the City of Manchester. Located in Manchester, Missouri, one of many suburbs of St. Louis, our exhibition gallery is unique in its placement at the Manchester Courtroom Gallery, which is in an actual courtroom. The courtroom gallery is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 7 pm. We also have a smaller exhibition space at our Manchester Parks, Recreation, and Arts Building. The Parks building is open M-F 8am - 4:30pm and sees a lot of foot traffic all year round from rentals and programs. In effort to keep art present in the community we are offering the opportunity to rent our courtroom gallery for group or solo shows. Artists may submit an exhibition and a panel will select the shows chosen to hang for six weeks.  


Chosen exhibitions will pay a nominal fee for use of space, supplies, and labor. Artists will work with the City of Manchester’s Arts Specialist on the exhibitions display and logistics. All works must be family friendly and may not contain nudity or profane content. All works are insured for 50% of retail value during exhibition. Due to its location in a courtroom, Manchester Arts may not list prices of artworks. Instead, they provide artist contact information for interested viewers. No commission is taken on work sold during the exhibit. Any sold artworks must remain on display throughout the duration of the exhibit.  


To be considered for exhibition please complete the Manchester Arts Exhibition Application. We also ask that you submit digital images of 7-10 works that you feel expresses the depth of work that you will be showcasing in your exhibition. These pieces do not have to be the finished works that you plan to exhibit, but they can be. Please submit a short artist statement about your work and process. Your application will be reviewed by a panel of city employees, Manchester residents, and local artists.  

More information can be found HERE.

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