People Channel Walking

If you’re looking for a different way to exercise, head out to the Aquatic Center at Schroeder Park. Walking against the current in our swim channel offers the perfect amount of resistance in a low impact exercise for all fitness levels. Age 18+

Day                 Dates                        Time                        Fee
Mon – Fri        June 7 – Aug 20          10 – 11:45 am      $3 Res ID/$4 NR

Saturdays        June 5 – Aug 21          9 – 10:45 am      $3 Res ID/$4 NR
*NEW Evening Session*
Mon – Fri        June 7 – Aug 20          6 – 7:30 pm         $3 Res ID/$4 NR

10 visit Punch Card: Res $25 / NR $35 Purchase at the pool front desk

Please note: All those entering the Aquatic Center for Tot Time must pay attendance fee, regardless of age. Season passes cannot be used during Channel Walking.
Due to staffing restrictions, only the Current Channel will be open at these times.