Manchester Emergency Operations Plan

Policies & Guidelines

The Manchester Emergency Operations Plan establishes a basic plan of policies and procedures to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property, preserve functioning civil government, and maintain economic activities essential to survival and recovery from both natural and technological hazards. It establishes the guidelines for conducting efficient, effective, coordinated emergency operations involving the use of all resources belonging to this jurisdiction or available to it.


The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City and will exercise direction over emergency operations within the City. The Board of Alderman will retain legislative authority and may pass emergency legislation necessitated by the emergency/disaster. The Emergency Management Director coordinates the efforts of the City’s Departments with their established responsibilities. The City’s Department Heads will be responsible for the emergency functions specified in the plan.

Citizen Corps Council of Manchester, Missouri (CCCMM)

Our local first responders (police and fire departments) along with the state (SEMA) and federal governments (FEMA) have promoted and supported the training and organizing of citizen volunteers within the City of Manchester to aide in providing critical public services during extreme emergency and disaster situations. We coordinate the activities of these volunteers through the Citizen Corps Council of Manchester Missouri (CCCMM).

The CCCMM is comprised of trained volunteer residents from within the Manchester Community who are aided by local advisers representing emergency management, fire, police and emergency medical services. Volunteer programs which are overseen by the CCCMM are the Manchester Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Manchester Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) and Manchester Neighborhood Watch. 

Volunteer Program Missions & Goals

The mission of CERT is to prepare our residents to help themselves and the community when strained emergency services are needed during and after an emergency or disaster. The goals of VIPS are to improve our citizens’ understanding of the processes of law enforcement through training and also, to provide the police department with enthusiastic volunteers to assist in a variety of department operations, freeing up sworn officers to spend more time patrolling the city’s streets. Neighborhood Watch is designed to improve the safety and security of your neighborhood by coordinating efforts to stop crime and solve neighborhood problems.


Each of the volunteer programs provide specific and detailed training to its participants. Inquiries concerning the volunteer programs should be directed to the program coordinator.