C.E.R.T. Program

Volunteers Needed

 The next C.E.R.T. class is forming now. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings, 7 PM to 9:30 PM. The first class is scheduled to start on February 26th. This page contains more information regarding the C.E.R.T. program .  There is a link to the C.E.R.T. application at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in participating in the C.E.R.T. program complete the application and drop it off at our station or contact Officer Evan Waters for more information. Officers Waters can be reached by phone at 636-227-1410 ext. 372.


The City of Manchester continues to seek volunteers for its Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). C.E.R.T. participants are Manchester residents and/or employees of a Manchester based business or school who complete a 20 hour basic C.E.R.T. training course instructed by our local police officers and fire fighters. Our C.E.R.T. members range in age from their early twenties to senior citizens. Everyone can benefit from the training.


C.E.R.T. personnel are called upon to participate in regular training and exercises that are designed to enhance the community’s emergency response capability. Training includes:

  • Disaster preparedness
  • Disaster psychology
  • Fire suppression
  • Light search and rescue
  • Medical operations
  • Team organization and response to terrorism

Local Government Expanded

The C.E.R.T. Program is designed to train citizens within the Manchester community to deal with an emergency or disaster that by its size and magnitude may overwhelm the ability of a limited number of emergency response personnel to meet all the demands for service. In a disaster, delays in public service responses can be expected. C.E.R.T. volunteers expand our local government’s available community resources to handle an emergency. With C.E.R.T., trained volunteers can be relied upon to provide aide to the community and to support the efforts of professional public service personnel.

Application Information

The Manchester C.E.R.T. Program has experienced considerable growth over the last several years. Additional training and exercises are planned as the program increases its effectiveness and improves our community’s emergency and disaster response capability. An application for C.E.R.T. training (PDF) can be found on the City’s website or is available at the front desk at City Hall.