Sewer Lateral Repair Program


Questions related to the Sewer Lateral Repair Program can be directed to the Department of Public Works, at 636-227-1385 Ext. 168 or at

This is not a reimbursement program. These guidelines must be followed to participate in the City’s sewer lateral repair program.

Policy & Procedures


  1. This program provides insurance coverage to assist Manchester homeowners with the cost of repairs to residential sewer lateral service lines. Manchester’s program applies to all residential property containing 6 or fewer dwelling units and all individual condominium units.
  2. The owner of a single family home may have authorized costs not to exceed $10,000 covered by the insurance program in repairing defective sewer lateral service lines serving the property of the owner, in compliance with the City’s policy and procedures governing this program.
  3. Each owner of a single family home shall be assessed $50 per year on their annual general tax levy bill. Owners of residential dwellings who are delinquent in paying any City of Manchester taxes, fees or assessments will not be allowed to participate in the program until all taxes; fees, assessment and interest have been paid.
  4. Commercial and industrial properties cannot participate in the program.


  1. A sewer lateral service line is the sewer line, which generally extends three to five (3-5) feet from the outside of the building foundation wall or exterior wall to the sewer main in the street or sewer easement. It does not include a sewer line located under any part of any building. A sewer lateral service line may be located in a front, side, or rear yard.
  2. A defective lateral sewer service is defined as a line not functioning properly due to one or more of the following reasons:
    • Collapsed or broken to the extent that adequate flow is not permitted
    • Severe offset of a joint that does not permit adequate flow
    • Sewer blockage that cannot be physically cleaned out
  3. Owner is experiencing a problem with their sewer lateral service line, the Owner must contact a licensed plumbing company or licensed drainlayer to have the lateral sewer service line cabled. (Sometimes the problem is not with the line itself, but may have become clogged by materials in the line.) As a common home maintenance expense, the cost of this cabling is not reimbursable by the Program.
  4. If the problem is not resolved by cabling of the line, the owner should file a repair program application with the City. A $400 application fee must be submitted with the application. Applications are available on the City’s website or at:
    Manchester City Hall
    14317 Manchester Road
    Manchester MO 63011

Other Helpful Information: 

If a sewer back has caused property damage to your home, please consult with your home insurance company. The City does not work directly with home insurance companies on property damage claims and the City's program does not pay for property damaged caused by a sewer back up. 

A restoration company can help with property damage caused from a sewer back up. 

Application by Property Owner

  1. The property owner (not a tenant or property manager) must submit the application to participate in the program prior to any repair work on the sewer lateral service line.
  2. A completed application form shall be submitted to the Public Works Department by the property owner with:
    1. A signed statement completed by the licensed plumber or drainlayer who verified that the line was cabled and could not be opened and the need for sewer lateral repair
    2. Paid receipt for all current year taxes, fees and assessments
    3. Signed Property Owner Release Form
    4. A $400 application fee

City Review & Repair Procedure

  1. The City will review the application along with the information submitted by the licensed plumber or drainlayer and will accept or deny the application. If an application is denied, the $400 application fee will be refunded to the Owner.
  2. Upon approval of application, the City will arrange for the repair program plumbing contractor to camera inspect the sewer lateral to determine the cause and location of the problem.
  3. If the camera inspection determines there is a qualifying repair condition, the City will authorize the repair program plumbing contractor to proceed with a repair.
  4. If the camera inspection fails to find a condition qualifying for a repair, no further action will be taken through the program. Service and administration costs incurred by the City will be deducted from the $400.00 application fee and the remaining unexpended balance refunded to the Owner.
  5. The repair program will restore any lawn area or standard finish sidewalk or driveway that is disturbed by a qualified repair. The actual portion of the sewer lateral which is repaired is covered by a one year guarantee which covers all materials and workmanship related to the work.
  6. Costs related to a repair and for the repair itself are covered up to a maximum expenditure limit of $10,000. Any amount exceeding the $10,000 expenditure limit, while rare, will be the responsibility of the property owner. If it appears from the initial repair work assessment that the cost may exceed $10,000, an estimate is prepared so the resident will be aware of the potential additional cost to them before the work is undertaken.


No individual repair shall be charged against the fund in an amount in excess of $10,000. Any costs in excess of this amount shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

  1. The City will invest the money collected for this Fund until needed. Any interest earned shall be added back into the Fund. The money in this fund is dedicated for the sole use of eligible sewer lateral repairs as described in this document and in accordance with Section 249.422 R.S Mo. and Section 249.423 R.S Mo.
  2. Repair expenses shall not exceed the amount in the Fund at any time. If the fund becomes insolvent during any calendar year the homeowner will have to pay for the repair expenses and then wait for reimbursement out of the next year’s Fund revenue. At that point, expenses to homeowners will be based on a first come first served basis.
  3. The Board of Aldermen may periodically amend these guidelines in the best interest of the City and its homeowners as allowed by state law.