Recycling Carts

Republic Services provides a 65-gallon recycle cart for once-a-week collection. Only the provided carts can be used for recycling. If trash or yard waste is placed in your recycling container, it will not be collected. Please place your recycle cart at the curb so there is 3 feet of room around the recycle cart and that the handle of the cart is on the side towards your house.

Accepted Recycling Materials

Please refer to the educational information below.

All-in-One Recycling Flyer 

Recycling Information

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Recycling Wizard

Recycle Wizard is a search tool created for residents to learn where and how to dispose of items such as household hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, etc. Recycle Wizard offers suggestions such as drop-off locations, backyard composting, curbside collections notes, etc. Click on the link below and type in the Wizard search bar to find out where your items go!