Trash Fee Exemption Hardship Program

Policy Statement

The City of Manchester offers a Trash Fee Exemption Hardship Program for those residents whose household income falls within established low income guidelines. The program allows the residential property to be exempt from the trash / recycle / yard waste removal service fee assessed by the City's authorized trash contractor.


The purpose of this policy is to provide the discount only to qualified customers on an annual basis and to establish the process and requirements to provide customers with the low income discount.

Policy Management


Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship shall be deemed to exist when an owner’s/occupant’s annual family gross income is at or below the income level indicated for a family of similar size on the current “Extremely Low Income Guidelines” table for HUD’s Income Limits Documentation System for St. Louis Metro Area.

Annual Gross Income

Annual Gross Income shall mean the total of earnings from all sources for all members of the household at the service address.


To apply for the program, complete the Trash Fee Exemption Application Form (PDF) and return it, along with proof of income, to:
Office of the City Administrator
City of Manchester
14317 Manchester Road
Manchester, MO 63011

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding this program, call the Office of the City Administrator at 636-227-1385, ext. 106.

If any application is found to be inaccurate or containing false information, any discount received will be reversed and no further discounts will be granted. The customer may also be assessed for all discounted amounts waived.


Documentation to verify annual gross income must be provided with every application. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Complete copies of Federal tax returns for all income earners residing at the service address,
  • Or Social Security Benefit statements for all recipients at the service address when that is the only form of income.

Any application received with incomplete information or documentation will be denied.