Snow Removal


The Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal in the City. Public Works crews closely monitor weather reports and get the snow plows ready for winter weather events. For any questions about snow removal, call the Department of Public Works at (636) 227-1385 ext. 130.


The City’s first order of priority is the removal of snow from primary streets, which consist of snow routes, major thoroughfares and collector streets. Snow route streets are designated with white-on-blue “Snow Route” signs posted at regular intervals. Clearing primary streets first is the key to maintaining a steady and efficient flow of traffic during inclement weather.  When primary streets have been cleared, City crews will then address problems on secondary streets such as side streets and cul-de-sacs.  It is Manchester’s goal to make all city-maintained streets passable within four hours of the end of most storms.


When there is a forecast of an accumulation of one (1) inch or more of snow or sleet or ice in any amount, a Snow Watch will be called into effect.  During a Snow Watch, it is unlawful for a vehicle to be parked or abandoned on snow route designated streets.  The Snow Watch will remain in effect until snow removal operations have been completed by the City. To view the Snow Watch Ordinance please click on the following link: Snow Watch. 


Not all streets are maintained by City crews. Manchester and HWY 141 are maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation while Baxter Rd., Sulphur Spring Road, Big Bend Rd., Dougherty Ferry Rd and Carman Rd. are maintained by St. Louis County.

Snowplowing results in ridges of snow being pushed to the edge of the street.  Residents are responsible for removing these areas of snow from their driveway if they so desire.  Please keep in mind that it may take several attempts to complete snowplowing operations and to plow all snow to the curb.  Thus, additional snow may be plowed across the end of your driveway after your initial snow removal.


As a resident, you can take certain steps to help the City and yourself in dealing with inclement weather conditions.  Here’s what you can do:    

Arrange ahead of time for someone to shovel your sidewalk and driveway.  Be sure to have plenty of medical supplies, food and other necessities on hand.  Make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition and have snow tires installed before bad weather hits.  

Park your vehicle off of the street, if possible, when snow is anticipated. Also, avoid any unnecessary travel during the snow removal period.  

Keep in mind that city crews are working to clear the snow as quickly as possible.  Do not stop or interfere with City crews performing their assignments.  Call the Public Works Department at 636-227-1385, extension 104 during normal working hours or extension 137 at all other times should you know of a specific problem on a street. Once you have called to report a problem, a second call is not necessary.  

Maintain your mailbox mounting and post in good physical condition to withstand the impact of discharged snow from the plow.  While the plow operators try to control the height and distance of the discharged snow, it will sometimes rise as high as the mailbox. The city will only repair/replace mailboxes that are physically struck by its snow removal equipment.

The City thanks you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe winter season in Manchester.