Deer Carcass Removal

Deer Carcass Removal – Public Guidelines

To report a dead deer, call 636-227-1385, extension 102.

As deer carcasses are a health, safety, and aesthetic concern, the City of Manchester has arranged with a service provider to remove and dispose of dead deer from residential properties as well as city owned properties/roadways within Manchester.  Deer carcasses on roadways maintained by MoDOT or St. Louis County DOT are typically picked up by those departments.  This city provided service does not cover deer carcasses located on commercial property.

Reporting a deer carcass can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by contacting the Police Department Records Clerk at 636-227-1385, extension 102.  The caller should provide specific address and location information pertaining to the carcass.  Should the carcass be on residential or subdivision property, the property owner or a trustee must give verbal permission for City staff and/or the service provider’s staff to enter upon the property to verify the location and perform the removal.

Upon receiving notification of a deer carcass, the Records Clerk will contact the Public Works Department which will arrange for the carcass pickup and disposal.  When the arrangements have been made, Public Works will provide the pickup information to the Records Clerk who in turn will share the estimated removal time with the reporting party.

As a rule, carcass removals are typically done within 24 hours.  Late day calls during the week may not be picked up until the next day and late day Friday and weekend calls generally are not picked up until Monday.