Proposition S Plans & Information

Proposition S Improvements

On April 3, 2018, Manchester voters passed Proposition S, a $16 million bond issue to fund repairs to city streets and sidewalks. Street repair priorities will be determined based on street condition rating ratings established by a street pavement assessment study performed by Horner & Shifrin, Inc. an engineering consulting firm.  Streets with lower ratings, thus in poorer condition, will be given higher priority for earliest repair during the life of the improvement program which is anticipated to be a 7 year period.  

Sidewalk project work will include reconstruction of sidewalks to meet minimum acceptable standards, slab leveling to eliminate trip hazards and ponding water, new sidewalk construction, and construction of new or replacement ADA compliant curb ramps at street intersections.

Improvements Update

The City has now successfully completed the third year of the seven-year Proposition S improvements project. There was approximately $3.5 million in project construction completed in 2020. The project’s street improvements include concrete slab replacement, concrete street reconstruction, asphalt street pavement mill and overlays, and asphalt street reconstruction. The project’s sidewalk improvements include concrete slab replacement, concrete slab leveling, and curb ramp construction. 

The City is currently in the process of entering into a contract for the fourth year of the Proposition S improvements project with approximately $2.8 million in improvements to be completed in 2021.  A list and map of the planned street work for the 2021 construction year can be found below along with previous years completed construction exhibits. Future years programmed construction exhibits will be made available once they are scheduled.