Manchester Homecoming Committee

Thank you to the 2018 Homecoming Committee!

Homecoming would not be possible without the help of these great volunteers!

Rich Baumann, Charlotte Behle, Jim Schreck, Ashlie Elliott, Jet Francis, Elva Franklin, Tracy Garrett, Paula Hartman, Ruth Hille, Jamie Hoover, Terrie Jacks, Jennifer Jenkins, Ray Klein, Julie & Chris Krisanic, Pat Mayer, Betty McCormick, Pat Muir, Andrew Noles, Jan O’Shea, Marilyn Ottenad, Alice Overby, Sharon & Bill Owens, Kari Pratt, Sally Rafferty, Lillian & Tom Riley, Doris Shearin, Kim Smith, Jeff Snyder, Ralph & Karen Starck, Nancy & Nicki Stevens, Ed Warhol, Amy Webster, David Willson, Chris Winters & Sharon Yaeger

Interested in joining this awesome team of volunteers? Email us at

2018 Homecoming Committee Photo