Parks Summer Staff

54Spend your summer in the park! We are hiring for the summer as well as year-round part-time positions
If you are interested in any of the following positions, please apply here!
Click HERE to fill out and submit the online job application We will begin holding interviews in February/March.

Aquatic Center Positions:

Manager $23.10/hr

Asst. Manager

Front Desk/Concessions starts at $15.75/hr

Group Swim Lesson Instructor $17.85/hr

Private Swim Lesson Instructor $33/hr

Swim Team Head Coach $22.05/hr

Swim Team Asst. Coach $18.42/hr

Lifeguards - Starts at $15/hr (Can start at age 15) Visit MPM Pools to apply for this position.

Parks Positions:

Summer Park Maintenance

Camp Counselor starts at $15.75/hr

Head Sports Coach $22/hr

Asst. Sports Coach $17.85/hr

Sports Helper starts at $15.75/hr

Class Instructors $34.65/hr 

Room Rental Attendant $16.80/hr

Inclusion Staff starts at $15.75/hr

Click HERE to fill out and submit the online job application

Questions? Email Becky Jones at or call 636-391-6326 ext.400
*Minimum age of employment is 16 years old unless otherwise noted.