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Are your kids going stir-crazy? Are you? Here’s a fun idea you can still do around town to stay busy responsibly!

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using either a GPS-enabled device or the official Geocache app. Download it, navigate your way to a cache, read the clues and search for it. Some caches are tiny and others are boxes with trinkets inside, where you can take one/leave one. There are over 600 just in St. Louis County parks! Go to for more info. 

Stacey, a local geocaching enthusiast will be in Schroeder Park on Saturday, April 10th at 11am. Come learn about this great activity that is especially good while social distancing! We encourage participants to bring their own laptops and/or smartphones allowing allow participants to follow along while distancing from others, but it is not required. Please pre-register.

SaturdayApril 1010am$4 per Resident  Family/ $5 Non-Resident Family

Registration will open early 2021

Geocaching is a great way to explore your local parks and other sites. You will need a GPS device to locate hidden containers, geocaches, outdoors. Geocaches have been placed in our parks. You may find the coordinates for ours and others in our area by visiting: