Register Your Doorbell and Home Camera System

Have you installed, or are you considering installing video surveillance at your home or business?

Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects, as they are caught in the act of committing the crime. Installing and sharing video surveillance is a great example of community partnerships between the Police and the Public. Such partnerships are highly encouraged by The Manchester Police Department.

This program allows residents and business owners to register the locations and capabilities of their security camera systems with The Manchester Police Department. When a crime occurs, The Manchester Police Department will then know the locations of nearby video cameras, be able to collect video evidence, and better follow up on possible investigative leads. 

Questions - contact the Manchester Police Department - 636-227-1410

If you would like to register your security camera system with The Manchester Police Department and allow officers to contact you should a crime occur in, or near, where your cameras are installed, please fill out the form fields below.