City's Accomplishments of 2019

2019 Accomplishments

1. Conversations with the Mayor;

2. Small Business Gatherings;

3. Arbor Day Celebration – free tree giveaway and tree planting and dedication with the Mayor;

4. Community Safety Summit – Topics of discussion included gun safety, suicide and opioid epidemic;

5. RFQ for Annexation Consultant;

6. Became a Purple Heart City;

7. Became a MIA – POW City;

8. Established Veterans Commission;

9. Planned and organized Veterans Day Event;

10. Planned and organized MIA – POW Remembrance Day Event (including Missing Man Tables);

11. Held 8 Informational Town Hall Meetings on Better Together;

12. Refinanced Highland TIF Bonds – saved taxpayers $3.8 million and will be paid off early (May 2024);

13. Planned, managed and prepared a good 2020 budget;

14. Hired and trained two new Finance Employees – A/P Clerk Karen Markowski and Account Shawn Sieve;

15. Wrote, established and adopted Risk Management and Financial Policy and Procedures;

16. Wrote, established and adopted Investment Policy;

17. Continued and led Audit and Finance Committee;

18. Managed the 2019 Audit process. Made sure past deficiencies are corrected and that there are no new ones. Established polices and made proper budget adjustment to make sure deficiencies are corrected;

19. Securely, efficiently and effectively manage cash receipts, receivables, and payables functions;

20. Maintained financial transparency of the City through disbursement of the monthly financial reports and maintaining public online access opportunities for the review and understanding of Manchester’s financial position and records;

21. Financial procedures for A/P, A/R, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation have been documented;

22. Assured prudent use of public funds through the utilization of established and recognized accounting techniques and effective procurement procedures;

23. Planned and bid for fiber to all building to upgrade WAN network, internet and phone systems (up for Board approval Jan. 6th);

24. Put email system in the cloud versus hosting on-site server;

25. 75% of networked workstations upgraded to windows 10;

26. 60% of workstations upgraded to Microsoft 365;

27. Planned and established consistent employee evaluation process;

28. All employee evaluations completed by 2019 year end;

29. Established and prepared a monthly employee newsletter;

30. Researched and wrote an updated Personnel Manual (1st draft starting to be reviewed);

31. Researched, planned and prepared yearly employee compensation and benefits summary (in-progress);

32. Developed on-boarding process for all new employees, including pay and benefits;

33. Developed process and tracked all FMLA for all employees;

34. Developed process and tracked all Workers Compensation for all employees;

35. Developed process and did exit interviews with all employees leaving employment with the City;

36. RFQ for consultant to prepare a redevelopment plan for the Planned Business District (in progress with PGAV and Pace);

37. Planned, wrote and adopted Medical Marijuana Ordinance;

38. Planned, wrote and adopted Sexual Oriented Business Ordinance;

39. Planned, wrote and distributed Quarterly Business Newsletter;

40. Hire and trained new Code Enforcement Officer – Steve Kirkman;

41. Hired a new Director of Parks, Recreation and Arts – Kat Schein – for retiring Director Eileen Collins;

42. Hired a new Arts and Recreation Specialist – Rebecca Pate – to fulfill Kat’s previous position, and hired permanent Communications Specialist – Ellie Schmidt;

43. 162 Rentals in 2019, 107 were after hours rentals;

44. Worked with more than 22 Parkway School Programs, Offices, or Organizations and gave 30 reduced or free rentals to Parkway as part of the Parkway Partnership Agreement;

45. Manchester Parks and Recreation offered programs 262 days, most of these days offered more than 1 program. For example, 1 day may contain Yoga in the morning, Bridge in the afternoon and a Staying Home Alone class in the evening;

46. Put on several great special events, which in general saw a 17% increase in participation, with the exception of Tons of Trucks which saw at least a 450% increase in attendance;

47. Camp participation grew 22% in 2019 from 198 to 241;

48. Partnered with Ballwin, Ellisville, Ballwin, and Chesterfield to create a Senior Calendar that is a two-page spread in the West News Magazine;

49. Senior Programming and attendance have grown significantly;

50. Completed a full year of the new registration and website software;

51. Obtained and maintained a liquor license for the City of Manchester;

52. Implemented a new scheduling/timekeeping solution for out many part-time employees;

53. Created a scholarship program, P.L.A.Y. that is currently city funded with hopes of being donor funded within the next few years;

54. Incorporation of a summer Recreation Intern for the Parks, Recreation, & Arts Department;

55. Became a certified location for Silver Sneakers programs;

56. Updated our pool grates to be compliant with the Federal VGB law;

57. Executed major clean out of the pump room;

58. Successful and profitable Wine Tasting event;

59. Developed an Improv group with Parkway South Students;

60. Offered new performing art options including use of the Lyceum;

61. Hosted a Veterans Art Exhibition;

62. Hosted great Homecoming event, bringing in $12,000 from Leuhr’s Carnival Rides and nearly $4,000 in sales with the Legion;

63. Homecoming had a record number of food and business booths;

64. Homecoming brought back the car show which brought in just over $1,000;

65. Planned, organized and managed Prop S – $16 million Bond issue for Street and Sidewalk Repair program for 2019 and the remaining of 2018;

66. Planned, organized and managed, Dougherty Ferry Rd. reconstruction;

67. Repaired and filled potholes;

68. Mud jacked sidewalks;

69. Pursued federal funding for the upgrading of sidewalks and ramps on Manchester Rd. (Not approved). Will reapply in 2020;

70. Provided superior snow removal throughout the City;

71. Planned, organized and managed Spring Meadows Bridge replacement;

72. Planned, organized and managed Lindy Blvd bridge deck resurfacing;

73. Planned, organized and managed Chadwick/Brookvale relief sewer water project;

74. Planned, organized and managed Channel B watershed project;

75. Planned, organized and managed Channel J improvement project;

76. Planned, organized and managed storm inlet repairs;

77. Planned, organized and managed Pontioson Dr. storm sewer improvement;

78. Planned, organized and managed Cloverleaf Ln. storm sewer improvement;

79. Supervised and oversaw the Tree Board Committee. Contracted Davie Tree Service to provide leadership to the Tree Board Committee;

80. Attained Tree City USA designation for the City of Manchester;

81. Maintained all city vehicles, equipment and buildings;

82. Planned, organized and managed replacement signage for Police Department Building (Justice Center);

83. Hired and trained Assistant Director of Public Works – Dave Pracht;

84. Ensured proper training is given to all employees;

85. Hired new Chief of Police – Scott Will – for retiring Chief Walsh;

86. Established salary step program for Police Department to attract and keep qualified officers;

87. Reorganized and changed personnel around in the police department to be most efficient and impactful for the department, City and community;

88. Worked on the Police Department Accreditation process. Have made great strides in writing, implementing and proofing General Orders, which is big part of accreditation process;

89. Promoted Craig Smith to Captain. Made other promotions: West to Lieutenant and Waggener, Waters, Priest, and Absolon to Sergeant;

90. Planned, organized and held 360 meetings with representation from all groups in the department to learn and communicate ideas for the department;

91. Hired and trained a new position of Executive Assistant – Kat White;

92. Enhanced Public Relations outreach through personal contacts and social media (Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch Meetings, Bike Patrols, Nixle, Facebook, etc.);

93. Researched, planned and prepared an official Social Media policy (in-progress);

94. Planned, organized and led Manchester Shop With A Cop. This year the Police Department took 48 kids shopping and supplied gift baskets to 25 families;

95. Appointed new Judge – Charlie Billings – for retiring Judge Michael Gunn;

96. Ensured compliance with mandated revisions to state laws and operating guidelines promulgated by the Missouri Supreme Court for the administration of municipal courts;

97. Completed continuing education requirement necessary for certification/ certification maintenance

98. Preserved and managed the Court records for efficient access and retrieval;

99. Continued to collect outstanding fines owed to the Court by encouraging the use of online payments, utilizing monthly payment plans, and issuing warrants on a timely basis;

100. Fully implemented Show-Me Courts (SMC) court automation software and accompanying mandated operational changes;