City's History

City Growth

The City of Manchester is located in western St. Louis County approximately 15 miles west of the City of St. Louis. The community known as Manchester is over 200 years old and was incorporated as a Village in 1950. The City was reincorporated as a fourth class city in 1959. When incorporated, the City encompassed two square miles. As a result of several annexations, the City of Manchester now encompasses approximately five square miles. Major annexations occurred in 1997 and in 1999. The 1997 annexation increased the City’s population by an estimated 3,309 residents and the 1999 annexation by an estimated 8,813 residents. As a result of these annexations and normal growth, the projected current population is approximately 19,000.

Historic Structures

The City of Manchester has a number of historic structures located within its boundaries. A survey conducted by the St. Louis County Parks Department identified 34 sites built in the 1840s through 1912 that are of historic or architectural significance. These historic structures are a proud part of the City’s heritage and set the City apart from other suburbs in the west St. Louis County area.

The Lyceum

Of particular significance in the community is The Lyceum, which was constructed in 1894. During its life, the building has been utilized for many business purposes:

  • Auditorium used for a variety of community purposes
  • Gasoline filling station
  • Hardware store
  • Postal facility
  • Produce shop
  • Soda fountain
  • Tin shop


In 1977, the Lyceum was restored and was purchased by the City of Manchester and it became the location of its’ City Hall in 1979. Because of the structure’s historical significance to the community, the City of Manchester has incorporated the Lyceum into its logo.

Historic Manchester
City Hall