Manchester Aquatic Center Rules

We hope you enjoy yourself at our facility and we ask that you please adhere to the following rules:

  1. Food, beverages, and coolers may NOT be brought into the Aquatic Facility.

  2. A concession stand is available for your food and drink purchases, or you may leave the facility to have a picnic in the park. You are allowed to bring in one (1) sealed, clear plastic water bottle per person, which you may keep at your lounge chair. Food and drink must remain in the concession area.
  3. To leave and re-enter the Facility, please have your hand stamped at the front counter.
  4. ALL guests entering the facility must pay.
  5. Guests must wear properly lined swimming attire. Street clothes, cut-offs, jeans and athletic clothing are not allowed as swimwear. Due to the fiberglass construction of the slides and the manufacturer’s regulations, swimwear with buttons, snaps, rivets, or zippers is not allowed.
  6. The minimum age to enter the facility without an adult is 13. Those under 13 must be accompanied and supervised by a person at least 13 years of age.
  7. Children not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers. Diapers are available for purchase at the front counter. We ask that all diaper changing be restricted to changing rooms.
  8. For your safety, inner tubes, rafts, large inflatable pool toys or tennis balls are not allowed (see below).
  9. You must be a minimum of 48” tall to ride the slides – this is the manufacturer’s specification. The weight limit is 300 lbs. except for the triple slide, which is 100 lbs. or less. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. A lap lane is set up in the competitive pool during operating hours for your convenience.
  11. Individuals wearing USCG approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and/or goggles are allowed in open swimming areas only. Individuals wearing these devices are not allowed in the current channel, slides, or diving board.
  12. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board for front or back dives. Back flips and inward dives are not allowed. Diving from the side of the pool is allowed in 7 feet of water or greater.
  13. If there is a question about an individual’s swimming ability and the individual would like to use the diving board or drop slide (blue), the patron may request or be subject to a swim test by a manager or lifeguard.
  14. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or damage to clothing or merchandise. Lockers are available at a cost of $0.25 each.
  15. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject persons from the pool premises or any persons failing to comply with any health and safety rules as set forth here and including St. Louis County.
  16. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject persons from the pool premises for any behaviors deemed necessary by the Pool Manager.
  17. The pool will operate at reduced hours at the end of the summer when most schools are back in session.
  18. The management of this Facility reserves the right to close the pools at its discretion due to, but not limited to: inclement weather, temperature <70 degrees, swim meets, special events, or fewer than 10 patrons in the pool.
  19. Questionable applications will be subject to review. Proof of residency for each individual age 21 and older will be required.
  20. Anyone that enters the aquatic facility, for any reason, must pay the admission fee.
allowed floaties