What are the time restrictions for placing containers at the curb for collection?

All solid waste, yard waste, bulky waste and recyclables may be placed at the curb adjacent to the premises not sooner than the night (after sunset) before the designated day for collection thereof, except where other or related programs as authorized or approved by the City may allow for a longer or varied placement time at the curb line. Such items shall be placed in appropriate containers, such as heavy-duty trash bags or solid waste containers with tight-fitting covers. All containers shall be removed from the curb no later than 8:00 P.M. on the day of the regularly scheduled trash collection services or within twelve (12) hours of the time such trash service has actually been provided, whichever is later. Except as provided for herein, all containers shall be stored at least twenty-five (25) feet behind the front yard building line unless fully screened from public view from the fronting road or street. The fronting road or street shall be determined by the mailing address of the property. The maximum number of solid waste containers placed at the curb for pickup at any one time shall conform to the City's current trash collection/hauling contract. (Section 240.080)

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