What do you mean I’ll have more influence in my community?

The ratio of elected officials to residents currently in St. Louis County is 1:143,000. By adding two additional positions to the Board of Aldermen to accommodate new annexation residents, the ratio in Manchester would be 1:4,000. City Hall is approximately 3 miles from the annexation area and it is free to park. Meetings are held at the Justice Center at the Highlands and there are no metal detectors. Manchester represents a local, accessible government closer to home than St. Louis County Government Center in Clayton.

In addition, new residents would be eligible to serve on a variety of appointed City boards and Commissions, including Planning & Zoning, Board of Adjustment, Tree Board, and Veterans Commission. The City of Manchester believes residents should be active in creating the hometown and quality of life they desire.

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1. What is annexation?
2. Who votes on annexation?
3. When will a vote likely take place?
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6. Who would respond if my family has an emergency?
7. My address says “Ballwin, MO.” How will annexation impact my mail delivery? Will my zip code change?
8. Who will be my elected officials?
9. What do you mean I’ll have more influence in my community?
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