What will residents do with their current household waste carts that will be switched out for Republic’s automated carts?

Residents with personal trash carts that they no longer need can dispose of them through Republic Services.  Consolidated pickups will be held during the weeks of Feb. 5 and Feb. 12 to collect personal carts. If you want Republic to collect your old cart, simply place it at the curb and place a note on it saying "Throw Away." Those who do not take advantage of the consolidated pickups will have to request a bulk pickup at a later date.

Through conversations with some residents, the City has learned that they intend to keep their personal carts to use for storage. Other residents may choose to get rid of their carts. To do so, the resident can schedule a bulk pick-up with Republic Services to remove their old cart. These carts can also be used for yard waste by marking them with an "X" or "Yard Waste Only."

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1. What is changing starting on February 5, 2024?
2. Why are these changes happening?
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4. Why are these changes happening?
5. What will residents do with their current household waste carts that will be switched out for Republic’s automated carts?
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19. While household waste will be automated and be collected in either the 48-, 65-, or 95-gallon carts, are there changes to recycling and yard waste?
20. Republic Services currently offers “garage door” service for residents with medical conditions. Will there be any changes to that service?