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Waiver of Right to be Physically Present and Consent to Video Trial Appearance

  2. Judge or Division: CHARLES W. BILLINGS
  3. Plaintiff/Petitioner: CITY OF MANCHESTER
  4. Defendant/Respondent:
  5. Waiver of Right to be Physically Present and Consent to Video Appearance
  6. I acknowledge that, pursuant to the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Missouri Constitution, I have the right to trial, the right to confront the witnesses against me and the right to cross-examination of those witnesses. Acknowledging that, pursuant to Orders of the Presiding Judge of St. Louis County, the Municipal Court for the City of Manchester is unable to perform in-person proceedings. The Presiding Judge has administrative authority over the Municipal divisions of this Court together with the administrative and discretionary authority regarding the manner in which any hearings are conducted in this Court. The Order from the Presiding Judge was designed to assist courts in ensuring public safety. I have been advised that I may be entitled to be personally present in connection with the above case and acknowledging that I have been given adequate opportunity to consult with legal counsel concerning the matter, I hereby waive any right to be personally present and consent to a video proceeding.
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  8. This Court accepts this waiver, finding that the person waiving his or her right has been adequately advised concerning his or her right to be personally present in this case, has waived any right to be personally present, and consents to a video proceeding.
  9. So Ordered.
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  11. Date: ________________
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