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Bid Number: RFQ - 19-102
Bid Title: Planning Consultant Services
Category: Administration and Finance
Status: Closed


The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to obtain competitive proposals from qualified consultants capable of producing a redevelopment plan for the planned business district.  

The RFQ includes the overall scope of services and specific functionality desired, as well as required vendor qualifications. Click here for PDF of RFQ.

This RFQ provides prospective companies with enough information to enable them to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by the City of Manchester to satisfy the needs as outlined.


Sealed proposals must be received by the City of Manchester, Missouri; City Administrator, 14318 Manchester Rd., Manchester, MO 63011 prior to September 13, 2019 at 3:00 P.M. (CDT). Each proposal shall consist of one original (identified as such and one electronic copy on flash/thumb drive of the complete proposal. The file submitted on flash/thumb drive shall include all attachments and signatures, where applicable.

It is the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that their proposal is received to the City Administrator, prior to the deadline. Companies mailing proposals should allow ample mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt of their proposals received after the deadline for receipt of proposals will not be opened or considered.

Proposals must be clearly identified as a proposal for the City of Manchester, Missouri “RFQ #19-102 “Planning Consultant Services” and shall show such information on the outside of the proposal packet. Proposals will not be accepted by facsimile or email transmittal. Do not staple or submit bid in any type of binder; binder clips are acceptable.

All questions must be submitted in writing to Larry Perney, City Administrator, no later than 12:00 P.M. (CDT) on September 6, 2019 via email


The City of Manchester is seeking a response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from consultants interested in providing professional services needed to develop a plan for Redevelopment of the Planned Business Development District. The district is located generally along the south side of Manchester Road between State Highway 141 and a St. Louis County arterial, Sulphur Spring Road. The total area within the boundaries described above and shown on the map is approximately 50 acres, including the rights-of-way of streets and highways that are within the area’s boundaries. The area consists of mostly small businesses, as well as City Hall, a car dealership, a community ball field, and an American Legion post.

The Planned Business Development District area has long been the commercial hub of Manchester; however, this area is visibly struggling with inadequately sized and constructed buildings, lack of continued investment and appeal and overall deterioration.  While Manchester Road (State Highway 100) has significant traffic volumes to attract commercial interest, it merely serves as a conduit for moving vehicles through it. The redevelopment of this area is intended to reinvigorate the area and create a sense of “place” so that it becomes a destination worthy of people enjoying being there to shop, work, play, and, possibly, live.

The City of Manchester has long relied on individual business and property owners to be in the best position to respond to the market and emerging trends.  However, given the lack of investment, slow pace of change and transformation, increasing vacancies, and unappealing nature of the district, the City intends to take a more active role in guiding and implementing a vision for the area’s future and is looking for guidance to determine the best approach.  

The selected consultant or consulting firm will work closely with the Director of Planning, Zoning and Economic Development and the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to carry out this work. The process may also include working with stakeholders with varied perspectives. A completed assessment and planning document must be presented approved by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The mission of the City is to promote economic development, create a town center/Central Business District, and improve the quality of life for the residents. The City’s efforts are developed in response to local needs, conducted with an awareness of national trends and policies, organized within strong community-wide partnerships, and respectful of and sensitive to the diversity and strengths of all community members.

The selected consultant will:
Meet with the Mayor and Board of Aldermen as needed to discuss the objectives and progress of the project.
Assist with choosing the types of tools used to gather assessment information and conduct statistical analysis of data.
Determine the best approach and develop a plan to meet the needs of the community.
Incorporate knowledge of sustainable design, adaptation and mitigation strategies.
Assist the Planning Department with revising Zoning Regulations to support redevelopment.
Assist the City with determining reasonable incentives. The City will consider supporting a proposed project with certain public redevelopment and financing tools available for use by the City under certain Missouri Statutes:
o Tax Increment Financing (TIF) – R.S. MO 99.800 – 99.865;
o Urban Redevelopment Corporations (Chapter 353) – R.S. MO 353.010 – 353.190;
o Transportation Development Districts (TDD) – R.S. MO 238.200 – 238.280;
o Community Improvement Districts (CID) – R.S. MO 67.1401 – 67.1571; and
o Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID) – R.S. MO 67.453 – 67.475.
Provide illustrations, plans, and graphics throughout the process. 
Present final product to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen

Available Documents:

The following documents are available for consultants responding to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ):

1) 2004 Comprehensive Plan
2) City’s Municipal Code
3) Maps showing the City’s current municipal boundaries
4) Maps showing the City’s current Planned Business District
5) The City’s Operating and Capital Budgets

Schedule of Activities

A suggested schedule is presented below. If the consultant anticipates difficulties with the proposed delivery schedule, the consultant should so indicate and propose an alternate schedule in the response to the RFQ.

Scope of Work
Issue Request for Qualifications - August 14, 2019
Proposals due to the City - September 13, 2019 at 3:00 PM CDT
Consultant interviews - Week of September 23, 2019
Selection of Consultant - September 30, 2019
Contract Execution October 7, 2019
Draft report and presentation to staff - March 2020
Final report and presentation to Board - April 2020

Proposed Budget:

Project costs are expected to be less than $20,000. The final dollar amount will be negotiated as part of the final contract and scope of work with the successful consultant.

Publication Date/Time:
8/15/2019 5:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
9/13/2019 3:00 PM
Bid Opening Information:
September 13, 2019
Contact Person:
Larry Perney, City Administrator
14318 Manchester Rd.
Manchester, MO 63011
Phone 636-227-1385, ext. 110
Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fax Number:
The successful consultant will be able to demonstrate competency with redevelopment, redevelopment plans, implementation of redevelopment plans, knowledge of Missouri State redevelopment incentives, working with other Missouri municipalities, and presenting at public meetings.
Evaluation Criteria:

The City Reserves the right to select the Vendor who best meets the “overall” needs of the City of Manchester primarily on the following criteria (not listed in any order of importance):

• All cost related to the project.
• The ability to serve the City of Manchester’s needs.
• Adherence to the requested information specifications, thoroughness of the Proposal, as well as the overall format of the presentation.
• The financial stability, longevity, and strength of the Vendor.
• Experience in working with municipal budgets, and local government service providers.
• Experience with municipal redevelopment within the State of Missouri and knowledge of State statutes and local rules and procedures related to redevelopment.

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